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Archetypes of the Gods

Discovering the aspects of the Norse deities that dwell within us.

Together we will be guided in vision by the

sisters of the web, the Norns of fate.

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What Sets Us Apart

Who is Freya within me?
Where is Odin within me?
Where sleeps Thor?
How can I access the happiness of Sif?

These are the questions we will ask in this class, the answers will be what the Norns want to show us. Urd, Verdandi, and Skald are the sisters of fate, that weave our destiny and it is they that will reveal the solutions to the riddles above.

Join us on this adventure into the shadows of the past, the fog of today, and through the mists into tomorrow. Gather with us as we allow the Nornir to sow their threads and expand our understanding of the cosmos within and without.Sixteen classes delving deep into the aspects of each God and Goddess of the Norse Medicine Wheel. One by one we explore who each individual is to us.

Guided by the weavers of fate, the Norns.


Sixten Deities around the wheel

Riddles of time flicker in the dark

Steadfast sight found in the spark

Future wafts in silken air

Threads to catch, weight to bare

Who are these gods/goddesses to you?

What messages do they have to share?

How can they help you solve the riddles?

Feruary or March 2023


Sixteen Sessions / Meeting Every Two Weeks

(pay in full, two payments of £420 or three payments of £280)

Session Times:

Saturdays, 11am pst / 7pm gmt

Dates marked with * 11am pst / 6pm gmt

Session Dates:


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