Journey into an AWAKENING of the

Magick of the old way of the North

Far back in the mists of time, an oath was broken between Man and the Fae, between the Masculine and the Feminine, between the Humans and the Earth.
This was known as the “Breaking of the Faerie accord”. A time where the beauty, healing, and hospitality of the Forest Gods and Goddesses was disrespected. Those sacred beings were driven to hide in the shadows, beneath mountains and to dwell at the bottom of deep waters.
This is true and original Grail quest, the saving of the “Damsel in distress.” Through every generation or so, the call echoes though our souls to take up this gauntlet. To pick up the battered threads that remain and weave together a patch, to repair some of the damage still being done to this day.

The next initiation begins

Monday, December 7th

Discover & strengthen your psychic abilities & magical gifts

Learn and integrate the wisdom from the ancient archetypal stories

Activate the magic of Avalon within you, and pierce into its mysteries

Overcome fear and limiting beliefs, and find confidence in your natural spiritual gifts

Experience the MAGICK...

In this four-week course, you will meet for eight sessions Frank Jay Porcaro, Jeremy RJ White and Kelli Lair via Zoom, for a two-hour training that includes but not limited to: 
  • learning the ancient stories 
  • training your psychic abilities
  • journeying with vision quests of Avalon, while working and connecting with Runic wisdom
Each member will also have a private session with Jeremy where you will receive your own spiritual rune meaning, a personal session with Kelli where we will explore magical tools, and the the importance of ancestral healing, as well as work with Frank Jay to process any shadow work such as fear or self-sabotage and find confidence in your ability to speak and own your truth.
Price is £360 
(Choose between two payments of £180 or the full amount)
Space is limited.
Classes are held 11am PST/7pm BMT beginning December 7th.
Dates:  12/7, 12/10, 12/14, 12/17, 12/22, 12/28, 1/4, 1/7
(sessions are recorded and accessible through the Student Portal)
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Jeremy is a Vitki, a Shaman, Story teller and teacher. He is a land guardian of the Isle of Avalon and a keeper of his ancestor's history.

Kelli is a visionary, a modern mystic who has integrated multidimensional living through her Northern Shamanic and Cosmic studies.

Frank Jay is a Metaphysician specializing in trauma and mind-body coherence.

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