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As the World hangs in balance, those of us who feel the mass anxiety of the population have to find our own solid ground first before we can take on the woes of others. My visions and dreams just lately have been pointing this out to me.

Firstly, I had a shamanic class last Sunday where I was teaching the students for the first time how I use the runes for vision and how to change from the mystical meaning to the mythical meaning for quest and journey guidance. Anyway, to cut a long story short this was my vision.

I enter my vision confronted by a young girl on the point of death and I cannot help her. I am to carry her to the Ice dragon in the mountain; he will be able to keep her alive. In the dream I am an old, battered man with no strength, especially enough to carry a child up a mountain. So, I take off my cloak and lay the girl upon it, shape shift into the Polar bear, take the cloak in my teeth, and drag her up to the Dragons cave.

At the mouth of the Beast's lair, the Dragon welcomes me and speaks:

“I can save the child and she can live here with me.”

Odin appears beside me holding an hourglass and the All-Father speaks:

“You can choose to leave her with the Ice Dragon, where she will live forever in this blank, frozen world for eternity, or you can choose to let her die and take her place in Folkvang, the world of Freya, where, when the time is right she can be born again into the realm of men.”

He plonked the hourglass on the floor and said:

“You have 30 seconds to make up your mind.”

For just a brief agonizing moment I was frozen in time, then chose to gift her to Freya and let her pass from this existence.

Odin spoke: “Once the decision is made, the stress passes and you both can move on. It is the destructive force of not knowing that devours us. So, make a choice, pick a side and stick to it. Those who waiver in the middle are the ones who allow the situation to control them.”


The next night I dreamt of two lions (From the movie The Ghost and the Darkness) attacking my Father's pub. They were chasing me, and I felt I had to trap them and then dispatch them with my guns. I got them both trapped in the bottle store and closed the door but knew It would not be long before they would break out and cause devastation. Whilst sitting on the roof, I saw my Mother approaching the store shed:

“Mum don’t open that door; the lions are in there. Where are my guns?”

“Sorry son, I gave them away last time you went travelling.”

“Who too?”


“Well go get him then, he will have to kill the lions.”

“He can’t, he's a Buddhist and doesn't believe in killing anything.”

“So why give him my guns?”

“So you can’t kill either.”

Odin appeared beside me on the roof of the bottle store.

“Once again, the not knowing the outcome is causing you stress. You wanted to act but others have acted together to take that power from you. So, turn away and let them deal with what they didn’t want you dealing with and release all guilt connected to it. It is their Orlog now”


I woke up at 4:00am and let the dog out for a pee. Still feeling strange about this dream, I decided to take 3 mushrooms and go on a vision. It was not what I expected.

First, a Will of the Wisp darted across the bed and the corner of the room opened up into a vast forest. A huge Troll stood in the entrance. An elegant and enchanting Faerie boy jumped up onto the end of my bedpost and spoke:

“Don't worry, she is coming.”

And then she appeared beside me, Elanza, the Elvish Princess Spirit I had connected with in the Forests of Pacific NW. She no bigger than three feet tall but she is a woman in her prime; radiant and magnificent.

“You have not called me in a long time, Brother. I have a message for you from the Great Lady. Those who are too wise and sit in council all day are never happy. Their words change nothing, they change nothing, but just wallow in the despair of the situation. I want you, for just this day, and this day every week, to dedicate your path to the Forest Folk. To not watch TV, to only answer you phone if someone calls, to only seek out joy, laughter, playfulness, and the company of your Grandchildren. Remember your oath to bring magick into the World. Oh, and about your aching knees and sore joints, if you eat like a Troll you will walk like one. So, on my day, clean food only if you can.”

Elanza left and the room returned to normal, but my day with the Forest has cleared my clogged mind and reminded me to not stress over things I have no control over and to be the magick that is lacking in the World.


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