In every culture, in every time initiation holds a sacred and important role in the development of the individual from childhood to adulthood, from apprentice to master, even from muggle to Magical. Each transition involves an ordeal, trial or ritual. It is this experience that gives the transition value, the price to pay for entrance and so it is with Avalon.

My own initiation took several ordeals of facing my fears, my demons to allow me to be worthy of the position of “Land Guardian”. This is not a written certificate, this is a contract between myself and spirit to honour the lands, the gods and the ancestors of Glastonbury. To share the stories and work in the stead of the Land Wights of this precious earth.

The story I will now share with you happened in the Winter months of 2010. I has just been to the Rifleman's pub on Chilkwell Street just below the Tor. I was with my best friend Tim and my Ex-wife. We were outside the pub around 11ish and I was showing Tim the white Runes I had just had tattooed on my forearms, when two African gentlemen approached us. They were both wearing traditional dress and

wearing dark glasses, which seemed strange as it was late at night in the Winter months and pitch black. The bigger of the two men addressed my wife, she felt intimidated so I stepped between them. Then the man spoke.

“I knew that would get your attention Brother, I have a message for you from the Star Masters.”

“Not interested in your message mate, we are going home, have a nice night.” I spoke abruptly. On our way home Tim said for me to keep an eye out as he felt bad vibes for me around those guys, I agreed to keep vigilant.

The next morning I was out for my early walk at first light and heading up the Faerie land at the back of Bushy Combe Farm, when I came face to face with the man once more. This time he was dressed head to toe in some sort of Witch Doctors outfit. He was drawing two runes in the ground, the exact two runes I had

had inked on me the day before.

“I have been waiting for you all night, I am hear to initiate and bless you” he said.

“ I will trust my spirits and because you drew those runes I will agree to this blessing.” The man smiled and said “follow me Brother”.

I was led into the Jesus field, where his friend was laying out a circle of bells with a ceremonial mat in the middle I was led to that place and told to spread my arms wide and open my mouth to allow the star energy in. The larger man danced around speaking in tongues and tinkling a small bell whilst the other systematically rang the bigger bells in order.

At some part during this ritual a small brown glass bottle appeared in the bigger man's hand. My attention kept j

umping from person to person as each bell mesmerized me. Then suddenly the second man rang a huge bell, as he did the other poured the liquid down my throat, my first reaction was to swallow a

nd the liquid was in. Just before the bottle was swept away I read BLACK SHEEP OIL on the label.

I jumped up fuming and swearing at both men. The bigger man said “ The Star Masters told me to do it!”

“ Fuck the Star Masters!” was my reply as I staggered away.

By the time I was at the end of the field I has already started to vomit, sweat and shake. I felt I had been poisoned, my rational mind was urging me to go to the doctors or hospital, but this was magick, magick of another land done on me in MY LANDS. I would go to the Eggstone and talk with the Gods and Fae. By the time I was at my holy place I was enduring stomache cramps, I fell to the floor and called in the Gods, a psychedelic vision ensued of vibrant colours, arrows and laughing African shamans, then the tranquility of the Forest and the healing of the Faerie Goddesses. I woke from my vision and made my way home,

My Ex-wife struggled with the adventures I got myself into on this magical path, this one in particular.

“You let a stranger poison you! This is so crazy" she said. That was all the tea and sympathy I received from her. After several hours spent in the bathroom I ventured back out into the town to find out what Black Sheep oil does. Finally someone said to me.

“Could it be Black Seed Oil?”

“ Yes it could because I am dyslexic.”

“ That is used for purification, detoxing and purging. You will be alright by tomorrow.”

I took the rest of the day off in contemplation and understanding it was my final initiation. To prove I had absolute faith in my path and my Gods.


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