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Cosmic Thread: Harmonic/Vibration Align

High Vibrational Cosmic Alignment guided by the Norns & Cosmic Sands.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 150 British pounds
  • Online Zoom

Service Description

***SCHEDULING NOTE - when possible, a 3-day buffer before we meet is preferred. The energy transmission begins as soon as an individual chooses to move forward and vital information is presented through the harmonics, vibrations, and fractals of the fabric of all that is. This is a process of integrating the information through the particles, to deliver the highest and best. This is a Cellular High-Frequency Alignment, led by the cosmic sands & fates: the nornir. Each alignment is specific to the individual, meeting them where they are in the NOW, with an vibrational resonance of where they have BEEN and what threads have been cast as possibilities for the FUTURE threads. The work is done at the cellular level, in the smallest of particle composition and framework within your physical container. The energy exchange begins IMMEDIATELY, as the doorways open upon the booking of this session. Integration Steps: there is a process to bring balance from the ethereal plane into the restoration of our original Universal Harmonics. One the doors have opened, various sensations, symptoms, and experiences may be had such as shaking, vibrating when sleeping, increased audible intake, in body-yet out of it while sleeping or napping, humming sensation, increased sound perception, purging, and hot and cold sensations to name a few. US folks: if you desire to pay in the US Dollar, please use the following link: Cost is $180 which is close the British Pound currency exchange. Payment confirmation will provide details for booking your session date.

Contact Details

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