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Welcome to The Northern Gateway!

This is a place where we embrace the ancient Celtic/Germanic tradition of “Hospitality and Sanctuary,” offered to all those who stumble upon our site. This was once the custom of all tribes and peoples of the North. Whether you seek wisdom, guidance, solace or companionship, they would find a place for you around the tribal fire.

The Tribal Fire

It was the responsibility of our ancestors to uphold their word, to the land, the Gods and to those who came before, to maintain a haven for the lost, the lonely and the seekers of a better way. They held this oath dear right up until the point it was broken by those who did not understand the fragile balance between us and the land. Our goal is the help build the bridge between the land and humanity. And with the guidance of the land wights and the ancestors, connect humanity to the importance of the past and the importance of community.

In the name of the Land, The Gods, and the Ancestors, we, the members of this tribe, once again honour that same contract.


Welcome friend, to our fire!

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Join us around our Fire by joining TNG Tribal Fire:

Monthly gatherings, deep connection and conversation.

Whether you are being drawn to the runes or are looking for a cosmic connection, there are options to explore.

Study the Runes, Dive into Northern Shamanic Studies,

 and explore the Guardians of the Sacred Isle:

The land and the ancestors have much to share.



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