“I am the White bear of the North descended from the Lords of Afalach, land guardian of the sacred Tor.


Healer to some, Oracle to others, shaman of my people and rider of the Golden Dragon.


But more than these titles, I am Odin's man. He dwells in my blood and in my heart, he speaks through my voice.

I am the vessel that allows him to guide,

teach and heal in this, my time.”

Jeremy RJ White is a Norse medicine man, priest, and shaman. He follows the path of Odin in everything he does and uses Elder Futhark Runes as his guide. As a historian and keeper of the ancient stories if the Isle of Avalon, he is honoured to share the wisdom of our ancestors and of times gone by, to heal and transform into the greater knowing that lies deep with in. His words and wisdom is his magick and a modality of ancestral healing. As a Vitki, he leads people to connect with the divine source of the lands and their tales through the exploration of the unseen.

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Who is Odin?

Ancient Father God of the tribes of Northern Europe. Known by many names, Wotan, Woden, Grim, he lives in the place names scattered the across these lands. He is the God of wisdom, poetry and war. My god is not immaculate, he is flawed just like me, but that is why he came to me, because his struggles are also mine. Odin understands me and I trust his guidance, in my dreams, visions and through the wisdom of the Rune Stones.



The strength of the divine masculine, the path of the warrior must be honoured at the fire. Odin represents every aspect of masculinity but understands the gifts and attributes of femininity.

Why did Odin come to Jeremy?


The first time, he was broken physically, near death, the second broken mentally, the third when his heart was broken. For that is the way, it is from the culture of his peoples. That which qualifies you to walk the medicine path, is a wound of the mind, body, and soul. Only then was Jeremy ready for Odin to speak through him.


There are many Gods and Goddesses in the Northern cosmology, each has their own attributes and skills, but always it is Odin for Jeremy and he is honoured to be his choice and to tell the ancient stories.