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Cosmic Threads


30 Min Session


60 Min Session

Cosmic Thread: Harmonic &

Vibrational Alignment

Cosmic Thread:

Private Weaving

12 Sessions

Kelli Lair

I exist in the Universal Plane, in the Universal Harmonic, and the Elder Futhark runes are the keys that opened the gateways to a higher dimension. The sands/threads of time have come to me through fractals, tones, codes and harmonics. It is the lens in which I view the fabric of this reality through.

In a profound moment and experience, I brought in and defined the term Cosmonian: an incarnate being who is one with all that is, from the point of creation to the embodiment of the physical body as consciousness. Cosmonian's see, decipher, process, and deliver messages from the living light matrix: codes, language, sigils, harmonics, fractals, particle forms for and from the point of creation. The Primordial Spiral, Ginnungagap, the void where everything and nothing exists in unison.

The work is of the sublime, weaving, bridging and building new dimensional threads, shining vectors of light for the future timelines. Existing where creation lies, you are connected to the living matrix, harmonic and codes of all sentient beings, being one with the field of Universal consciousness and unlimited possibilities in truth.

I have been called to assist our evolutionary process by activating the cellular structures and harmonics within us, so we can have achieve the purest of electrical flow and output of our truest Universal Harmonic.

*This work is often best for those souls who have been on their journey for some time. The energy is not often easy to convey to those, who's doorways to understanding are just opening. 
That said, 'beginning" is always a great place to start and I can guide as I am led.

tune the cellular level


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