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Northern Shamanic Studies
Northern Shamanic Studies
Two Year Program
2024 Program Begins
Sunday, February 25th
Class begins Sunday, February 25th, and will be the fourth
Sunday* of each month at 9am pst / 5pm gmt

Notes:  March 24th & October 27th - class times are

9am pst/4pm gmt due to time changes. 

Class Dates: 2/25, 3/24*, 4/28, 5/26, 6/23, 7/28, 8/25, 9/29,

10/27*, 11/24,  12/29, 1/26

Cost per year:
 £1650 Year in Advance
£150 - 12 Monthly Payments
Registration IS OPEN NOW!
(All students will have to have studied the Runes with Jeremy or show great runic knowledge to participate)

Once you have learnt the Runes...

​and feel drawn to take this path deeper, it is time to open the doorways between the Worlds and take the path of the Shaman.


My role is to teach you the tools and knowledge you will need upon your quest. This means to guide to your Frithgard home, (your memory castle) where you will store all your magick and access the plant medicine, helms, and charms to heal yourself and others. Along with working deeper with the magick aspect of the Runes, we will tap into the medicine of the Ogham, the tree alphabet, and the wisdom system of the Druids. You will learn to journey and guide yourself beyond the veil as we navigate the Worlds, and the beings exist in the dimensions beyond.


I cannot make you a shaman, that is between you and spirit alone. But together we will craft the vessel and stock it with wisdom. Beyond the two-year class, you will set sail on the river, to the source of all knowledge. I will share as much as I can, holding nothing back, while we will work in service of spirit. When the time comes, once you have connected with those who dwell in the worlds beyond, my role as a teacher will be cast to the fire and you will set forth on your own adventure, accompanied by the crew of spirit guides that you have met and built relationships along the way.

Year ONE:

  • The Eight Direction's

  • The Nine worlds

  • Meeting your advocate in each the pantheon of the Gods

  • The Nine Sacred Plants

  • The Ogham

  • Runes an illness

  • Parts of the body

  • The Wheel of the Year

  • The Stanzas 

Year TWO:

  • The Havamal and interpreting the 18 Charms

  • The Riddle of Glepnir

  • The Death Rites

  • Working with the Dead

  • Plant medicine, Brew binding, and Spell Medicine

  • Nine Personal Charms

  • Moving on and leaving your teacher behind

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