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Decoding the Archetypes:

A Nine Class Adventure into Yourself

January 2023

Mother, Sister, Daughter
Father, Brother, Son
Hero, Lover, Fool

Who are you to whom?

January 2023


Nine Weeks / Nine Sessions

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What Sets Us Apart

We talk a lot about the ancient archetypes, but who or what are these roles. These roles that we encounter or play in our lives. What makes us fall into a certain pattern when faced with the same character time and time again.


These are riddles that can't be answered easily, yet within our ancestors' myths and legends, we come across these players/characters falling into the same traps as we do today.

We read time and time again of Nine Maidens, Nine Days, Nine Waves. This is because there are Nine Archetypes for each of us, men and women alike, to play and be played by on our individual journey. 


Which of these riddles tricks you the most, presses a button that turns you into someone different, makes you play a different role? The secret to this riddle lies in your awareness.

Join us around the fire for a deeper discovery of who you really are!

Ancient Archetypes

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