Runic Study
The next step as you continue your immersion into The Magick of the North! This is a class for those with a deeper calling into the meaning of this ancient tool of the ancestors.
Cost is £360
Class Schedule: Saturdays for a total of 6 classes
Class Time: 5pm GMT (9am PST, 10am MST, 11am CST, 12pm EST in the US)
Dates: March 7, 14th, (21st at 11am pst 7pm GMT) 28th, April 4th, 11th

***Individuals must have completed TNG Initiation to participate in the study of the Elder Futhark Runes.***

Runic Study is a ONLINE six-week course, taught by Northern Shaman Jeremy RJ White. 

What you will experience in the class:

  • Vision Quests

As a sacred group of students, who have already experienced the magick of TNG Initiation, you will find your own deeply buried message from within the runes as we explore much longer and more detailed vision quests. These quests will unlock the ancient memory of your past, from ancestor to ancestor and are extremely powerful.

  • Create and Connect with your Own Runes

You can create your own runes, a very sacred experience, in which you hold a blood oath ceremony that binds you and the Runes together. Individuals can also choose to purchase a hand-cast set created by Jeremy RJ White or you can work with those you already own.

  • Learn to Chant the Runes

Learning to chant the Runes (Galder) will open up new vibrational fields  and allow you to access deeper memories. The class will touch on Helm work which is the making and preparing of a Runic Prayer Wheel, and discuss the Nine Sacred Herbs that dwell within the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology.

Each student will perform a reading of the Runes in front of the group to foster their connection with this energy and prepare the individual to read clearly , first for themselves.*Through this practice you will learn to trust that Odin will show you that which needs to be seen.


*It is strongly suggested that before one reads Runes for others that they continue with their study on a much deeper personal level first. Know the Runes, embrace their message and you will learn to trust their magic. 

Students will also have access to TNG Casting Circle, a place to practice and hone your skills with other members of the TRIBE.

Price is £360 
(Choose between two payments of £180 of the full amount)


  • Each class covers four runes, which will include journeying, explanation, interpretation and history of each. 

  • Students will make their own notes during class to foster individual interpretation of material;  after each class, additional documentation will be provided to enhance the learning experience.

  • Individuals should have access to a set of the Elder Futhark Runes and will get an opportunity to order a custom set of runes made by Jeremy RJ White and customized per individual. 

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