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  • Ceramic Talismans

Ceramic Talismans


Add a spiritual touch to your altar, self or your home with our Norse Celtic Ceramic Talismans. These handmade talismans are crafted with care and custom made to order, making each one unique.

  • Protection: Our talismans offer protection for your home and those who inhabit it or wear it.
  • Prayer: Each talisman is imbued with powerful prayers for added spiritual significance.

Handmade from high-quality ceramic material, these Norse Celtic Talismans are durable and long-lasting. You can place them anywhere in your home as a decorative piece or carry them on the go as a personal charm.

  • Each Order contains 1 handmade talisman.
  • Norse/Celtic Religion: Our talismans are handmade by Shaman Jeremy RJ Wgite and inspired by the rich traditions of Norse/Celtic cosmology, adding magick, mystery and protection by the lands of Avalon.

Gift yourself or someone you love with a special handmade Shaman Spiritual Talismans today!

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