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The Northern Gateway

Kelli Lair

Kelli is a Mystic, a Cosmic Weaver. She is a visionary, who sees from the point of creation; from particle to form. Through this vision and the silver threads, she holds the container of possibilities through the understanding of harmonics, individuals codex, and stories of the timeslips. The Runes, the Northern path and the primordial zero point of creation are the keys.

Jeremy RJ White

Jeremy is a Story Teller, a Northern Shaman, and a teacher. He walks the path of a land guardian and keeper of his ancestor's history. Through his storytelling and the guidance of Odin, he walks others through the layers to a deeper understanding of the magick held within.

Space Holders - Teachers
The Initiation...where it all begins!
  • Explore your magical gifts through the stories of the ancestors and journey work

  • Learn and integrate the wisdom from the ancient archetypal stories

  • Activate the magic of Avalon within you, and pierce into its mysteries

  • Overcome fear and limiting beliefs, and find confidence in your natural spiritual gifts

Experience the Magick!
Awaken and Merge with the Magick of the North


A Quest: The Magick of Avalon

Begins, Saturday, August 14th

9am pst, 12pm est, 5pm gmt

Over a seven week series (one class per week), we weave a sacred container by telling tribal stories from our ancestors. We weave through these words, with a keen awareness of their meaning and the impact those energies still carry within our DNA, a recollection of a time gone by. Here, through these spoken words, we can begin to unravel the stories of our past to help heal our future. 

*Initiations are offered three times per year, following three Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year: Imbolc, Beltane, and Samhain. (February, April, and October). Some can follow the Initiation with a deeper dive into Runic Study, if not before. 

Retreats/Celebrations are offered during Lilith and Yule, the summer and winter solstices.

Our intention is to offer retreats on the lands, when we are called safely to do so.

Welcome to The Northern Gateway!

This is a place where we embrace the ancient Celtic/Germanic tradition of “Hospitality and Sanctuary,” offered to all those who stumble upon our site. This was once the custom of all tribes and peoples of the North. Whether you seek wisdom, guidance, solace or companionship, they would find a place for you around the tribal fire.

It was the responsibility of our ancestors to uphold their word, to the land, the Gods and to those who came before, to maintain a haven for the lost, the lonely and the seekers of a better way. They held this oath dear right up until the point it was broken by those who did not understand the fragile balance between us and the land. This contract was called the “Faerie Accord”.

In the name of the Land, The Gods and the Ancestors, we, the members of this tribe, once again honour that same contract.


Welcome friend, to our fire!

Please don't be put off by the word Faerie it does not mean what you think. Imagine it more as the “Soul of Nature” and the magical beings that stand guard and defend the divine energies of the Earth.

Here is a brief description, put in simple terms, of what took place in a time long gone.

The power of the magical weaving presents itself within each of the Three Yearly Initiations. In this space, we recognize that we are all wounded and we need to start from where we are and weave a golden thread through the fabric of our reality. Together we witness the synergy rise to support us all, as we learn to meet the new world in the wholeness of love and sovereignty. Here we begin to understand the riddles and weaving of life. Through the integration of the stories, we experience our own healing and experience revelations to how we have arrived at this place in time. Herein lies the magick and miracles this community holds.


Healing of the Faerie Accord

Far back in the mists of time, an oath was broken between Man and the Fae, between the Masculine and the Feminine, between the Humans and the Earth. This was known as the “Breaking of the Faerie accord”.

This is true and original Grail quest, the saving of the “Damsel in distress.” Through every generation or so, the call echoes though our souls to take up this gauntlet. To pick up the battered threads that remain and weave together a patch, to repair some of the damage still being done to this day.

A time where the beauty, healing, and hospitality of the Forest Gods and Goddesses was disrespected. Those sacred beings were driven to hide in the shadows, beneath mountains and to dwell at the bottom of deep waters.

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