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Dragon Rider - Shamanic Sigil

So last week I attended a ceremony Cacao held by Laura Ce, one of TNG members in Glastonbury. I personally was just a bit hesitant as Cacao is not indigenous to Avalon and said plant medicine had been sent to my address and I was to carry into the sacred enclosure. I stopped at my usual place on the Somerset Levels to say my prayers before I enter the realm of the Fae. I asked permission to escort this distant goddess into my lands and it was granted by the hand maidens as I slowly said my prayers,

We arrived, myself and Julie my partner, early as I am for everything and helped Laura carry her equipment up to the Miracle room she had arranged for the purpose. There was a good mix of people, old and young, the experienced and the novice. Frank Jay arrived with Carolina and took their place in the circle next to me. So the Northern gateway was well presented will four members in attendance.

I wont go into took much detail of the ceremony, for that is for Laura to share but what I will share is the doorways this magical medicine opened for me, I was passed a pottery goblet filled to the top with this thick dark, warm brew. Before I was to drink I had to set my intention and from nowhere became these words.

“ I ask to be connected to the energies of the Red dragon of the Celts and the White Dragon of the North. May the stories of my ancestors live on in the dreams of my children.”

I inhaled the fumes and the spirits of Avalon spoke. As I slowly drank down each mouthful of the bitter, sweet liquid and allowed its wisdom to come forwards. Gently dipping in and out between Glastonbury and the magical realms of my vision, sort of half in half out mysterious dance.

First came the Fae, or should I say Forest sprites as they were no bigger than a medium sized Poodle and dressed in shabby, brown, rustic clothing, Each of these beings took a taste of this strange brew, shuddered and scampered away. I understood why, as Faeries like sweet things and this brew was not that. I spotted a pot of honey next to Frank Jay, but he was in vision and I did not want to disturb him,

Before I had time to find a way to sweeten the brew, I was confronted by the appearance of the Red and White Dragons. These creatures were massive and towered over me as I looked up from behind my Goblet. I gave each a long draught of this medicine. Their energies changed for imposing

to gentle and began to coo like pigeons. I was immediately transported to the Orchards of Avalon, where the Green dragon of the land and the Black Dragon of the shadows met them and joined in their communal cooing. It finally dawned on me that this strange soothing sound was the song Dragons sang when they were happy.

Eventually the Dragon song summoned up the Golden Dragon of Avalon, a magical beast I have only experiences three times before. I climbed up on the creature's shoulders and sat proud and powerful in this position. I had been called the Dragon rider , on several occasions by a well known witch in Glastonbury, I have a Golden dragon tattooed on me and wear a Dragon ring. Through the willow arch that marks the entrance to the orchard I saw a procession of Fae approaching.

The colourful entourage were carrying what looked like a golden tray, but as they got closer I could see it was a mask. Closer still I could see that this mask was made up of Runes. Two females went to pass it up to me and I asked them this.

“Does this mark me as the Dragon Rider?”

“ No my Lord this marks you as the Dragon King.”

As it was placed on my face it turned from a Golden mask to the two faerie maidens painting it on to my skin as a Shamanic sigil.

As I lay deep in my vision, I heard the voice of Julie beside me.

“What are you drawing on your face?”

This timely interruption dragged me back to Midgard and finished my Cacao vision, but not the magic. I have claimed this magical gift and accepted it as part of my path ahead. A path that is totally committed to the expansion of the Northern Gateway and sharing the Magic of Avalon.

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