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Be empowered by TNG community to understand what is happening in regards to the worlds banks decentralization and what that means for the future

Discover the magick of working with the blockchain consciousness and the cryptocurrency markets as together we weave to acuire coins vetted by spirit

Learn to nagivate the ins-and-outs of acquiring cryptocurrency PROPERTY, setting yourself up for financial freedom to move boldly forward and do the work you are meant to do.

Discover the power of working with beings of the Dark Realm, the elves, the smiths, the miners and makers of magical things. With them as our guide, we will keep our focus on the goal. 

TNG are not financial advisors. Content shared is for your consideration only.

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Crypto Shaman

Jeremy RJ White

Jeremy's focus is on taking a complete beginner through the set and understanding of the Pulsechain ecosystem. A brand new system that is just about to launch, which will change everything you ever knew about crypto. From initially buying in, to trading, exchanging, staking, and understanding the gains and risks of adding to the liquidity pools. 

Pulsechain and PulseX (The exchange) are in our opinion, how the market that will allow the smaller investors to find a home. The next couple of years are so important, crypto is changing the way money works. We already live in a digital currency world, with virtually no transactions with cash. The average person just has the wages transferred to their bank account and it just sits there for the Bank to make work for themselves.


Cryptocurrency Consults 

For the complete newbie trying to break into the cryptocurrency world, it is a minefield. We have all heard of Bitcoin and maybe some Ethererum but there are over 20,000 crypto coins. You have to decide where to place your funds, research each company, which exchange, and how to keep your investments safe. This is not easy from day one.


Both Jeremy RJ White and Kelli Lair offer guidance with various aspects of understanding the digital, tokenized future upon us.

Time to take the step, take hold of the helm and be the pilot of your own financial future.

Kelli Lair

Kelli's focus is on teaching safety, wallet utilization, setup and the broader ISO20022 tokens, and more. 

There are many layers and ways in which we can participate in this largest transfer of wealth. One way is dollar-cost averaging into the projects you are compelled to invest in, whether it be in the Pulse Ecosystem or with a broader brush. Safety is of the highest priority. And if you are interested in understanding the markets, chart analysis, and more, Kelli can assist in sharing knowledge from her years as a commodities trader.

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